Andorid 12, Sqlite Issues, User Preferences Not retaining values

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@Leon Lu (Shanghai Wicresoft Co,.Ltd.) have you heard of or know of any issues with Xamarin Android and SQLite. I have a version published out before Android 12 and there are no issues.
After upgrading to Android 12 I am having issues with User Preferences Retaining Values and certain tables retaining values. I am absolutely baffled as to what is going on.
I have tried on VS 2019 and VS 2022. I am not sure if a setting changed or something I need to do....I am at a total loss as to what is going on. No code has changed....all I have done is update to Android 12, update Visual Studio, update Xamarin Forms and Xamarin Essentials. I have tried rolling back Xamarin Forms and Xamarin Essentials, that made no difference.

I am using the following versions:
Xamarin Froms
Xamarin Essentials: 1.7.2
Sqlite-net-pcl: 1.8.116

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