How to copy data from Azure SQL Database to Azure Synapse?

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Hello Experts,

I am pretty new to Azure Data Factory and struggling with a simple problem. I've done this in SSIS but now trying to implement the same in Azure Data Factory. I have a list of tables that I would like to copy the data on an incremental basis from Azure SQL Database to Azure Synapse. I've setup the Source with a single table to test it out. On the sink side, I've also setup the table so that I can at least do one table first and see how it goes. When I go to the Mapping tab, I tried two options - 1. Import Schemas and 2. New mapping. Neither of them are showing the structure of my table in Sink. In fact, it was showing something else. I went to the Sink Linked Service to test this out and it worked there but when I come back to the "Mapping" tab in "Copy Activity" it doesn't work. Please help me in resolving this and also suggest a better way of doing since I would like to do this over a number of tables.

My source table would be - dbo.Employee
My target table would be - staging.CRM_Employee (Since, I am getting it from say an Application CRM, I want to differentiate that accordingly on my target database (Azure Synapse).


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