New Surface Pro 8 - no type cover

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Today I received a new Surface Pro 8, type cover is apparently held up and will be some weeks before I get it.
With that in mind, I have NO means of input other than the touch screen.
Several problems and rants.

  1. It appears that Microsoft have decided that it is a good idea to do system backups during initial setup process. This caused me all sorts of headaches.
  2. There is a man voice continually interrupting everything telling me over and over exactly what is on screen and what I have done. That is OK the first time around, but with the issues I am having it becomes old very quickly. Just to make things clear - this man voice seems to NOT be the Narrator as that voice is a women voice - yes, I get them both together - you can imagine the temperature rise in this neck of the woods! I have no way to switch off the man voice.
  3. Trying to input simple things was so difficult. I would click on something, then wait for the man voice to tell me I had clicked on such and such, then, double click on it to actually input the item (button or letter etc) - yes, it gets worse.
  4. Initially, I was having to confirm selections for language/keyboard etc, and after several restarts, called Microsoft. Very nice man tried his best, but every single thing was taking ages and usually several redo's. He was very patient, and from what he said, it seems it is a common issue. Then, after half an hour, phone connection dropped.
  5. Next issue. I got to the point where I needed to enter a string of characters - huh such a simple task you think! Not at all. It took so many tries where the input would start repeating characters at some point while trying to input (say) my email address etc and everything would have to start again.
  6. So, I reach a point where I have the on screen keyoard showing on bottom half and have a selection box on top half. I select the item and it highlights but it seems there may be some other input needed at bottom but of course I can't see that because the OSK refuses to drag/close/hide whatever. So now I have a screen with top half of setup process, and OSK hiding bottom half. BTW the current setup is at a choice of Restore from (my previous machine) and set up a new device.
  7. I wasted a LOT of time trying to shut off the 'narrator' before deciding that the man voice was just Microsoft being stupid and forcing it.

OK, so now the question...............

What do I do now?

I have ommitted a LOT of repeating issues during that whole thing.

6 1.2 hours so far ................


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    The product group for Surface hardware actively monitors questions over at

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