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Active Directory, DevOps and student accounts


I am posting this use case, in case someone else has a suggestion to allow students to use Azure DevOps with their student accounts.

If a student creates an Azure student account, using their university Azure Active Directory (AD) user name, then their "Azure for Students" subscription is associated with the university's production AD. It is highly unlikely that a student will be granted the role needed to be able to create service principals in a production AD. This implies that a student cannot use DevOps to deploy into their "Azure for Students" subscription. They do not have the role to automatically create a service principal from DevOps and would need someone to create a service principal for them manually. Is there a better work around than manually creating service principals for all students that have "Azure for Students" subscriptions in a university's AD?

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@WilliamHBell Apologies for the delay on getting this replied . I am trying to find more on this and will update the thread.

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