Fast (and easy) way to transfer constantly data locally through a router

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I joined a C# (framework 4.5.2) project to display score screen of virtual pinball machines on real dot matrix panels to make it as close as possible to real machines.
I use an ESP32 microcontroller connected via USB to the PC. This connection stays open as long as the emulator (visual pinball x or pinball fx3) is playing a table and constantly transfering images or even low frequency videos.
It perfectly works for low resolution LED matrix displays 128x32 ( for higher (I would like to push it to 256x64), the buffers get bigger and sending via USB creates some data to be corrupted.
I would like to use WiFi as it is told to be more reliable. The ESP32 has a built-in wifi receiver, so I can connect both the PC and the ESP to the local network.
So, on the PC Windows side, what is the fastest and reliable way to connect (and keep the connection alive) these 2 devices and constantly transfer buffers that can be from 1000 to 60000 bytes each.
The PC can be connected either through LAN or WLAN.
Obviously, I know the local IP address of each device if it can help.
I can use any nuget package as far as it can be used with .NET Framework 4.5.2.

Thanks a lot

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