Windows form and User Control Pannel not adjusting in different Computer Screen?

Faisal Shovon 1 Reputation point

Recently I have coded a simple software using C# in Visual Studio 2019. In the software, there is only 1 windows from (form 1) and five User Control windows. 193596-2022-04-16-23-13-45.png

As you can see, from the windows form, I can access each of the user control panel by clicking the ribbon Button on the left.

This software is running as I desired on my computer. But whenever I installed it in a computer with small display Monitor or lesser resolution, the full screen mode of the software can't adjust the windows form or control panel. It opened on full screen but many items at the bottom part gets doesn't show. Also no scrollbar comes out in the full screen mode although I have enable it in the windows form Property.

Could you please help me in this regard.
I am very new at this. I have started to learn programming recently.

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  1. Karen Payne MVP 35,376 Reputation points

    Seeing a screenshot of your form doesn’t indicate if you attempted to do anything to make your form responsive. By placing controls on a form does not make a form or an application responsive.

    The best path for working with different resolutions is to look at a WPF project which inherently is better suited for making an application responsive but also requires a good deal more effort and time to learn the mechanics of making an application responsive to screen resolutions.

    If you don’t care to use WPF then see

    In the links above, note references to TableLayoutPanel and FlowLayoutPanel which can assist with responsiveness. Each control, look at their docking and anchoring properties.

    There is no magic set of code or options to completely make an application responsive, it take time to learn and adapt using information above.

    Hopefully this information will assist you.

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  2. Faisal Shovon 1 Reputation point

    As you can see, I have used an Webview2 to desplay an webpage on my windows form. It runs fine on my computer. but when I install this software on another PC, webview2 doesn't show anything.
    I have installed webview2 runtime, microsoft edge insider channel etc.
    but still, webview2 panel doesn't showing anything.

    Could you help?