NCrypt API NCryptCreatePersistedKey fails when NCRYPT_MACHINE_KEY_FLAG flag is used

Sudheendra Subbarao 6 Reputation points

We are trying to use NCrypt APIs to perform encrypt and decrypt of data.
We are using these APIs in C++ static library which is consumed by Winrt component which is eventually consumed by C# UWP app

UWP App --> WinRT COmponent --> C++ static lib

we are using the below APIs in the C++ static lib.
NCryptOpenStorageProvider - with MS_PLATFORM_CRYPTO_PROVIDER ( we need to use this with TPM only)

if we use NCryptCreatePersistedKey with dwFlags as 0 (i.e current user) it works fine.
if we use NCryptCreatePersistedKey with dwFlags as NCRYPT_MACHINE_KEY_FLAG, the API fails.

It would be great if anyone can help with this

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