Not able to upload the .bacpac file from Azure VM to Azure blob storage container

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Hello Everyone,

I am working on a use case, where I will be deploying the DB schema from Development to UAT and Production, but before deploying to UAT and production, i am taking the backup of both UAT and production as a .bacpac file. Below are the steps I have performed in Azure DevOps pipeline

1) Generated the .bacpac file using "Azure SQL Database deployment" inbuilt task. The file generated at "D:\a\r1\a\GeneratedOutputFiles\filename.bacpac

2) check if the file exist on the above path -> Yes file is available.
3) Copy to blob storage using "Azure File Copy" inbuilt task. The Source path which I took is $(System.ArtifactsDirectory)\GeneratedOutputFiles\
and destination is my blob container. PFA, the details about each step and the logs. The issue is I am not able to upload the file to blob storage as the logs says that the source folder is empty, but the file is present in the source folder.
Can someone please take a look and guide me what I am missing here?

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines
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