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Prompt to Select Which Disk to Install Windows on During OSD Task Sequence

I'm in the middle of a Windows 10 Deployment using MECM.
There are a number of Systems with a large amount of Hard Drives in them.
I would like to have a task sequence that lists all the internal hard drives in a workstation and prompts for which of the drives to install the OS on.
I found this solution on the web, but can't get it to work.
Any ideas on how best to achieve this?

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Hi, @MAS2487-0189

Thank you for posting in Microsoft Q&A forum.

It seems it's a good guidance in your link, do you know why you can't get it to work?

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That solution seems like a viable option. What errors are you getting?
You can also do other scripts that look for specific drives based on criteria you provide.

I wrote a script that looks for the smallest drive in a machine and uses that for the OS. which might not fit your needs, but using PowerShell, you can have it automatically pick the one you need, as long as you can feed in the details, or you can prompt.

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