Graph API Bad Request No OData route exists that match template

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I am trying to use graph api to update an app in intune. i can add an LOB ios app fine (yet to try android).

i'm using PATCH.


request body:

"uploadState": "success",
"id": "intentionally-shortened-560895dd73da(not sure this is necessary)",
"@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.mobileAppContentFile",
"azureStorageUriExpirationDateTime": "2022-04-21T15:43:41.983834Z",
"size": 19965,
"isCommitted": true,
"azureStorageUri": "",
"name": "my.ipa",
"manifest": "intentionally-shortened-GlzdD4=",
"sizeEncrypted": 20016

i am getting the error below:
"error": {
"code": "No method match route template",
"message": "No OData route exists that match template ~/singleton/navigation/key/cast/navigation/key/navigation/key with http verb PATCH for request /AppLifecycle_2204/StatelessAppMetadataFEService/deviceAppManagement/mobileApps('shortened-8fb3-0269a6de1f79')/'14')/files('shortened-4bdf-890c-560895dd73da').",
"innerError": {
"date": "2022-04-21T15:41:49",
"request-id": "afa64b40-390c-4610-af15-abf02f16e9ce",
"client-request-id": "b7f14881-a4fa-b8c6-dc9e-4d765f942de2"

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