Detecting running files when I uninstall ClickOnce Program

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Hello, I may not be able to communicate the meaning properly using a translator.
I came over from this link.
I am distributing the program through [ClickOnce].

  1. After I run the program...
  2. Uninstall the program from the [Control Panel].
  3. It is not uninstalled from "AppData\Local\Apps\2.0" because the program is turned on.

This is the problematic way.

To solve this problem...

  1. When I uninstall from Control Panel, I must exit the program from [ClickOnce] itself.
  2. When I uninstall from Control Panel, I must start [My Custom Uninstall Program].

Which of these two methods does Winform support?

Windows Forms
Windows Forms
A set of .NET Framework managed libraries for developing graphical user interfaces.
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