SSMS Doesn't Import/Export, Hangs without Error/Message

Mike-E-angelo 491 Reputation points

I currently have a database that has ledger enabled, and ran into problems when using EFCore migrations with this feature enabled. I would now like to take the Azure Sql database with Ledger enabled and export it to a new database with ledger disabled.

Using SSMS 18.11.1, I am using the Deploy Database to Microsoft Azure Sql Database Task and everything seems to go well until it actually starts to import the first table:

It sits at this step for many minutes without any indication/message and feels like it's thrown an exception without indication to the user.

Maybe I am not waiting long enough? In any case, it would be ideal/appreciated to be able to get a ledger-enabled database to a non-ledger-enabled database. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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  1. Mike-E-angelo 491 Reputation points

    Since this post is still awaiting moderation (:P :P :P). What I ended up doing is:

    1. Creating script from here for schema only:
    2. Remove all ledger references (LEDGER=ON and columns) from generated script from previous step
    3. Using SSMS, right-click destination database in Azure and use Task -> Import Data...

    I also had to Enable Identity on columns for the generated SSIS package. I am not entirely sure the data is OK as I still have to deploy application code (Azure DevOps) but this got me moving so I can attend to the next fire.

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  2. Ronen Ariely 15,101 Reputation points

    Hi @Mike-E-angelo , your solution is great. I change the comment into an answer and I fixed the "waiting for review" issue

    Another option is to use bacpac and edit the package manually (same idea as in your solution

    A bacpac file is actually a simple zip file which include simple files that you bcan edit manually

    Check this recording for example: