Graph: UploadSecret (KeySet, Trustframework) does not always work

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It appears that the uploadsecret feature does not always work consistently - and we're unclear as to what the specific issue is. Submitting the request via Postman always seems to yield successful results; however, when we try to run the same process/commands from a separate process, we're getting the following error:

{"error":{"code":"AADB2C90063","message":"There is a problem with the service.","innerError":{"correlationId":"0f134264-ec3d-4384-b564-5776d76e7b81","date":"2022-04-20T23:38:08","request-id":"0b619fd2-e5d3-4a00-aa10-f7bec8d82c24","client-request-id":"0b619fd2-e5d3-4a00-aa10-f7bec8d82c24"}}}

What is also strange is that the API requests to create the actual KeySet DO work; however, if we include any Keys, it also fails in the same manner. The service principal used to call the API has all the TrustFramework API permissions - in addition, if we use the same token generated in the application and submit the requests locally (i.e.: again, from Postman) the request works. We're not sure what to do here


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