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DPM 2019 replica not showing in Azure vault

I've been configuring a new on-premise DPM 2019 server with offside backup to Azure in a dedicated Recovery Vault.

This appears to be working fine. I initially configured some databases and VMs which I can see in the Azure vault under DPM within Backup Items.

I've now added a couple of large file volumes (circa 2TB total) which appears to be fine on the DPM server itself. It took quite a while to upload all the data to Azure but this completed last night.

However there is no sign of this data in the vault, it's just completely absent.

Does anyone have any ideas? Whilst DPM itself says the Azure backup is fine, I frankly don't trust it if I can't actually see it in the Azure portal.

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@TobyGroves-8516 - Thank you for posting your question.

I understand that you couldn't find the 2TB DPM server data in Azure recovery services vault. Could you please try to find it here: Azure-- Recovery Service Vault-- Backup Infrastructure--Backup Management Server. Click on your DPM Server, you can see used space.

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If I go via that route to view the DPM server then the disk utilization does reflect the total of 2.3TB which includes the aforementioned file stores.

However this is just a view of the storage on the on-premise DPM server, not the Azure vault. Under backup items at the top of this page it shows 10 items and, if I click on this, I get the aforementioned list of databases and VMs but no sign of the file stores at all.

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Can you share the screenshot of the UI where you find the DPM server data in Azure and the one that is not showing up?

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