How to increash SMSCACHESIZE to 10% of the disk space while upgrading client

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I'm upgraded clients using an bat script and setting the SMSCACHESIZE to 10% of the disk space.

I'm running following command


But SMSCACHESIZE is still same.

new size will be 10GB

In the client.msi.log i see following message

Cache Info already present. SMSCACHEDIR, SMSCACHEFLAGS would be ignored.

How do I force the client to take new settings without re-installing it

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Microsoft Configuration Manager Deployment
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    Just curious... is there some reason you can't just use Administration, Client Settings, and either edit "default", or make a new Custom Client Setting called... "Cache 10 percent or 10gb"... and under "Client Cache Settings", say "yes" to configure Client Cache Size, and set MB to 10240, and percentage to 10% ?

    If you wanted to only target "machines that are less than 10240 defined", you could add the cacheinfo into your inventory, and once they report back, make a collection of devices < 10240 defined, so that (for example) if there are a subset of devices that get more, like 25gb, they don't get reset back to 10240 by this client agent setting... it only targets those that are less than your minimum:

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