Very poor performance selecting from table with 6 Billion rows

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Hi everyone,

I am currently having very poor performance while selecting from table with 6 billion rows in order to return around 30 million rows.
I could not find a right key to hash the table without it being skewed so left it with round robin and with a clustered columnstore index.
My Synapse is using DWU3000.

The query I am performing is a select from the table where the date is equal to a particular day/snapshot.
On the execution plan I see that it takes more than 1 hour to perform a PartitionMoveOperation. Don't even understand why since my table is not partitioned.

Can someone assist on best way to optimize this table?

Currently I am even trying CTAS for testing other scenarios and the query is running for more than 1 hour and nothing yet.

Thank you

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    it sounds like you have a badly designed table to be honest -

    I would have a look at redesign on the table -

    Moving to a Hash and add in partition will work to your advantage on a query that is base on a date (day/snapshot) - something as simple as partitioning by the year would reduce the section your scanning and restricting from a lot