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SCVMM 2022 error 413 when trying to add Host


In SCVMM 2022 i try to add a host to VMM but it fails with error 413

"The files needed to install agent, version 10.22.1287.0, are missing from the Virtual Machine Manager server."

However, since this a new installation (yesterday) and the files ARE present (see image), im not sure how reliable this error message is.


I went and installed the agent manually on the target Server, but the error is still the same, it also doesnt matter wether i choose to reallocate the target to the VMM envioronment or not..
Any ideas?

edit: same thing happens when trying to upgrade the agent on existing Hosts allready in the VMM environment.

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anyone able to help?

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Hi ,

I'm reproducing this problem to see if it's a bug, any updates will be reported to you ASAP.

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