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Teams cut UI of message on mobile devices

Hi everyone, we find strange behavior of chatting with bot on mobile devices, when message comes but it cuts and for click on button for continue chat, I need to scroll up and use onpiont of previous message again. Why is this happened? How can we fix it?

Also user mentioned, that it happen depends which Wi-Fi has been connected.

Teams app is updated to the latest version.

Internet connection has good quality and throughput.


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Hi @Daniel-9124

Does this issue only happened in mobile device? What about in Teams web client?

Does this issue only occurred when you chat with bot in Teams client?

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The user said is happens on mobile and on desktop for him.

it happens seldom only on some users, we haven't found any way to reproduce it and don't know occurred it only for bot.

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So do you mean this issue is not persist all the time, right?

Have you checked Teams web client?

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