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Hello all

We are in a hybrid mail environment with Exchange online. We are running Exchange 22016 onprem . We have two 2016 mailbox servers onprem, and two edge servers in the dmz. We want to remove the edge servers from the environment and send directly to Exchange online from the two onprem mailbox servers. We also want to receive email from exchange online directly to the two 2016 mailbox servers onprem. I understand the process for removing the edge servers from the environment, however i will need to create custom send and receive connectors for hybrid mail flow. Below is what i have put together. Please advice if these connectors will facilitate hybrid mail flow between onprem and online. Also do i need to create the custom receive connector on each 2016 mailbox server?
Thank you very much for any assitance

Send connector
New-SendConnector -Name "PTCTESTtoO365" -AddressSpaces "","" -CloudServicesMailEnabled:$true -Fqdn -RequireTLS:$true -SmartHosts -TlsAuthLevel CertificateValidation -TlsCertificateName $TLSCertName

Receive connector
New-ReceiveConnector -Name "inbound from O365" -Bindings -Fqdn -TlsDomainCapabilities -TransportRole FrontendTransport -TlsCertificateName $
TLSCertName -PermissionGroups AnonymousUsers, Partners -AuthMechanism tls -DomainSecureEnabled:$true -EnhancedStatusCodesEnabled:$true -RemoteIPRanges "","","","","2a01:111:f400::/48","2

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    @Skip Hofmann

    For mail flow in hybrid, enabling and disabling centralized mail transport is different. So, it isn't suggested to create hybrid manually. I would suggest you rerun HCW, it could help you remove mail flow from Edge to Exchange in one step:

    If you need to customize hybrid connector, you could modify it after HCW creates new connector.

    If you are using Exchange 2010 or earlier which needs to create connector manually, here is configuration for my send connector which may be useful to you: SendConnector
    About receive connectors, it is suggested to use the default receive connector. If you need to create a customized one, here are IP addresses that are used by Exchange online.

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