Delimeter Issue in the .CSV file

Gurucharan, Satya 41 Reputation points

Hi All,

I am facing an issue with .csv file format when processing the file with blow data using ADF (Azure Data Factory) the copy pipeline fails with and it is throwing error

|a|,|b|,|c, c 123|,|d|
|a|,|b|,|c, c 123|,|d, 123|
|a|,|b|,|c, c 123|,|d, 123, 1234|

Could any one help or suggest an options

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  1. fred31330 76 Reputation points

    @Gurucharan, Satya , I faced this issue earlier and TBH I solved it by preprocessing it using e.g. regular expressions to replace unwanted characters.

    In your case, replacing pipes with double quotes works:

    This is because delimited files can have their fields quoted or not, to delineate a field within a record. Said otherwise, everything between those quotes should not be considered as a field delimiter.

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  1. Nandan Hegde 30,951 Reputation points MVP

    Based on the error message it seems that in copy activity mapping, you have mapped a column RunDate in sink but that column is not present in your sink .