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This session has timed out.

Hi everyone,

First, I apologies if my issue has already solved somewhere else but I searched on several forums, read the Microsoft documentation and unfortunately did not find a solution.

I am building an logic app, the goal is to retrieve 2 parse JSON and to compare them eachother. First one come from an API connection and the second one from CISA website.
Everything work well but the final bloc, where it is supposed to compare the 2 JSON data with 2 nested Foreach, take too much time and end by "This session has time out."

I tried to enable High throughput in Runtime Options, I also tried to change the session timeout parameters but unfortunately there is not such options on the Foreach block.

If you can advise please it would be awesome.
Best regards

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Hello @AK15-5710 - Thank you for posting here on MS Q&A! It sounds like you'll need to optimize & harden the part of the workflow where you compare the JSON data. In order for us to recommend any specific optimization steps, it'll be good for us to understand how that's currently implemented in the nested Foreach loops. Could you share a screenshot of Foreach loops & provide any additional details that might relevant?

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Hi MikeUrnun,

Thank you for your reply, please find screenshots of the design:

Thanks for your help198471-capture-decran-2022-05-03-094900.png198408-capture-decran-2022-05-03-094829.png

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Sorry for the delay in my responses, @AK15-5710. The screenshots above don't show the operations (Actions) defined inside the nested Foreach loops. You'll want to make sure that you're using the most optimal diff-ing algorithm for the JSON comparison and that it can run as a long-running operation and complete successfully by honoring the LA runtime limits & enabling something like Asynchronous request-response behavior.

If you'll provide more specific info on the operations that are timing out, I'd be happy to help harden those operations in your Logic Apps workflow so that they are run efficiently and don't time out.

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