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I have a folder with 15000 folders inside. I have a list with the specific folder names of 800 of these folders which are scattered throughout the whole set. I need to copy these 800 folders into a new folder. I need them to stay as folders because inside each folder is 6 specifically named data files and 5 files with generic names. In other words, there are 15000 files with the same generic name, but they are all different due to the folder they are in. These need to keep the same names so the data can be processed later.
How can I automate finding these 800 folders given that I know their names, and copy the entire folder, structure intact to a new folder?
I tried a bat file but it extracted the 6 specifically named files for all 800 but I ended up with one copy of each of the generic named files rather than the 800 different ones - i.e. it extracted everything out of folders and only kept the files.
I have Windows 10 Enterprise.

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