VS 2022 c# wpf row/column lines off center

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VS 2022 C# WPF, the design guides are off-center for all the elements in my Window. This is a project I also worked on with197480-lines-off-center2.jpgon VS 2019

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022
Version 17.1.6
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 4.8.04084

Installed Version: Community

C# Tools 4.1.0-5.22165.10+e555772db77ca828b02b4bd547c318387f11d01f
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  1. Wiley Dog 1 Reputation point

    Solved: Setting the BorderThickness for the MainWindow causes the Guide/margin lines to be offset. I had BorderThickness="5". Deleted that line in my Dictionary file and the problem disappeared.

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