Graph API - How can I filter user by more than one identity?

Maluenda Miranda, Cristian G 116 Reputation points

I am trying to filter users by the identity. For one criteria I have no problem:$filter=identities/any(c:c/issuer eq '' and c/issuerAssignedId eq 'myuser')

But, I need to search for different prefix, that means for myuser I would like to find the accounts:
* myuser
* prefix01.myuser
* prefix02.myuser

I tried to do something like:

identities/any(c:c/issuer eq '' and (c/issuerAssignedId eq 'myuser' or c/issuerAssignedId eq 'prefix01.myuser'))

But, the query was too complex for the Graph API :(.

Any suggestion beside of execute a request for each criteria?


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Microsoft Graph Users API
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