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How to turn off the More Shapes stencil in Visio Drawing Control - Visio 2019

I have used this below logic to hide More Shapes stencil in Visio 2019 visioControl.Document.Application.DoCmd((short)Microsoft.Office.Interop.Visio.VisUICmds.visCmdHideMoreShapes).

Instead of More Shapes, it is hiding Quick Shapes.
I am unable to hide More Shapes. I would require a c# code to implement this scenario.Could you please support me as soon as possible.

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Hi @BhargaviPottem-6878
Welcome to Q&A forum ~
The tag "office-visio-itpro" focuses more on general issue of Visio client, but your issue is more related to development of Visio.
To help you better, I would suggest you post a new thread on Visio developer community.

Thanks for your understandings.

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