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Azure Machine Learning multi output regression

Hi everyone

I am using Azure Machine Learning studio to forecast the number of visitors to a Centre. I am using a regression model and it has an acceptable level of accuracy.

However, I also would like to forecast the number of visitors to each venue within the centre, rather than getting an aggregate centre forecast as such.

Is there any way Azure Machine Learning can do that? Do I need to build a model for each venue? So if there were 50 venues, would I need to replicate the same model 50 times, one for each venue?


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Hello @IvanCasanaGallen-3736

Is your model related to time series prediction? Is this one of the feature to be trained?

Based on your description, you should do the prediction for every venues if there is no other features we should consider. If no, please share more details so that I can look deeper for this issue.

Thanks a lot.


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