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Apply and Autocorrect does not work for PowerShell DSC

Is it necessary to create a pull server for State Configuration? I created the PowerShell DSC file, which was compiled to a MOF File and for the first time when I attach a node, it works fine, but to test the DSC if I delete a file from the node (my virtual machine), it shows as non-compliant n Azure Portal, but does not autocorrect it. Need urgent help.

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Hi @NeerajKumar-2444,

As mentioned in this official Azure document, it is not necessary to create a pull server for Azure Automation State Configuration as it provides a built-in pull server.

On the other hand, it looks to be similar to this question. Please review it for more information and see if it helps. If this doesn't help then please share more details like OS of your virtual machine, your config file, few screenshots of your setup if possible, etc. so I can try to reproduce with the same set of things in my lab and get back to you with additional insights.

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Hi @NeerajKumar-2444,

Did you get chance to check my earlier response? Let me know if you were able to resolve the issue or else if have any further queries with regards to it.

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