Deep link not working in outlook ios app

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I am currently implementing a login flow in which the user receives a magic link to their email address. When the user clicks on that link, they should be redirected to our IOS mobile app and complete the login flow. In order to do this, we need to use a deep link. Most email clients don’t consider deep links to be valid for <a> tags so as a workaround I’ve implemented an HTTPS endpoint that redirects to a deep link. This technique works with all email clients that we have tested so far, except the outlook iOS email client. When I click on the magic link within your app, an error screen appears saying: “Can’t open page, This page isn’t loading right now. Try it again later”. However, if I hard press on the link and select the option “Open Link”, the link opens properly on safari and successfully redirects me to our mobile app. This seems to be an issue with the in-app browser that’s being used by the outlook app. Unfortunately, this workaround is not satisfactory for us since users will not know to follow these steps. I was wondering whether you knew how I could get around this issue.


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Outlook Management
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