Hyperscale Replicas in Azure SQL DB

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Hi Team,

We are planning to upgrade one of our Azure DB.

Currently, the Azure DB (Single DB) contains 1Primary(West US)+1 Secondary Replica (East US).

My doubt is, while i try to upgrade to Hyperscale i found that below feature:

My confusion is what is the difference High-Availability Secondary Replicas from the already existing Secondary Replicat(East US)?

Azure SQL Database
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  1. Alberto Morillo 33,421 Reputation points MVP

    You can have primary and secondary replica in Hyperscale service tier.

    1. Primary replica serves read and write operations
    2. Secondary replica provides read scale-out, high availability, and geo-replication

    Secondary replicas are always read-only, and can be of three different types:

    • High Availability replica (recommended). This one can help you get a higher SLA.
    • Named replica (in Preview, no guaranteed SLA)
    • Geo-replica (in Preview, no guaranteed SLA)

    Replicas are optional and not required on Hyperscale. What will happen is that if the primary replicas for any reason is not available, Micosoft Azure will need to spin up a new (compute) replica from scratch (as there are no HA replica available) so that can take some time (minutes, usually) which means that your service will not be available that amount time. Having an HA replica, drastically diminish the time in which the database is not available.

    That is how Hyperscale replicas differ from geo-replication replicas on other Azure SQL offerings (flavors).


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