How to validate json while creating a pipeline on azure synapse using REST API?

Prashant Rewatkar 96 Reputation points

Please suggest ways to validate JSON for the azure synapse pipeline.
For creating a pipeline on azure synapse environment using REST API we have following POST API URL and using this API we can create a pipeline.


but this API is returning ok/success type response without checking JSON is valid or not. If you use the same JSON and try to create a pipeline on synapse env this will validate JSON first and then will create a pipeline. It will check provided sources / linked services are present on the server or not. This feature is missing for an API which is available.

We are looking for a such validate method for creating a pipeline. If the above API is returning success response then pipeline should be created there else should return proper error message .

If someone knows how to manage this then please suggest a way to do this.

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