Internal DNS records required to direct to Externally hosted website in Split Brain DNS

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I have a Server 2019 AD domain where there is an Exchange Server 2019 in place. As a result we run Split Brain DNS. We have a website externally hosted.

If we didn't have split brain, I'd just use a conditional forwarder to the Domain Name Registrants DNS Server..

Since going to Server 2019, I can't figure out what DNS records I need to create in our split brain DNS to allow internal staff to get to the externally hosted website.

I can see that the presence of the split brain DNS is causing my server 2019 server to provide NS services to the workstations for

Nothing I seem to add to DNS will allow internal users to get to our external website via or HTTPS://

So what records do I need to create for this to function? I can't be the only business in the world that has internal DNS, with Split brain, that needs staff to be able to access our externally hosted website!!!

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    Hi @Shane King

    Have a look at this post which is asking a simpler question.


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  2. Limitless Technology 39,506 Reputation points

    Hi there,

    In general, the solution would be to maintain two distinct DNS zones that represent your namespace to internal and external clients - one on internal DNS servers - the other on external DNS servers.

    You could also create a new forward lookup zone in DNS that matched your external namespace, then create an A record for the site or address you wish to intercept and point that A record towards the internal IP.

    Split-brain DNS is a Domain Name System (DNS) configuration method that enables proper name resolution of local resources from both inside and outside of your local network and this will not restrict the access to the externally hosted website.

    You can read more about this in the below article. DNS setting for internal/external server

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