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Hi everyone,

I already asked this question in the Microsoft community. A Microsoft agent replied that there was no solution to fix the position of content markings applied by Information Protection on word documents and she recommended to ask the following question in this forum as well:

I'm trying to implement content marking for a customer, who uses predefined (Word-)templates with footers and headers. Using headers or footers within Information Protection causes problems regarding the formating of the footer and the header of the templates - they clash into eachother. One solution, that is obvious, is to change the already existing headers and footers in the templates and put the content into text boxes - this way the footers and headers of Information Protection and the headers and footers in the templates won't clash - but that only applies to all future usage of the template - is there any way to implement headers and footers for all already existing documents without the headers and footers clashing?

And is it possible to lock the position of the content markings in general (headers, footers, watermark)? Because right now a user can just alter the position of the content markings - obviously it is changed back once reapplying the label, but is it somehow possible to fix the position from the get-go?

And my last questions is in regards to the watermark: the watermark seems to be a textfield/ textbox, which is, as mentioned above, movable by the user. In PowerPoint however all the content markings are fixed and in the backround and cannot be moved at all, which is exactly, what I want to reach in Word. Is there a possibility to reach that kind of positioning in the backround - especially for watermarks, so it cannot be moved? There were several occasions, where the watermark was moved by a user or even clicked on by accident. There were also incidents, where the watermark was moved because of the format of the template and caused problems. Maybe there is a solution using Powershell?

I appreciate all the help I can get!

Best regards

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