CXPACKET bottleneck.

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Hi everyone!

Are there any recommendations or good configuration practices for the treatment of the CXPACKET bottleneck?


All help is welcome!

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  1. Uri Dimant 206 Reputation points

    It does not look terrible, do the users complain about performance?

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  2. SQLZealots 276 Reputation points

    A good read as below:

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  3. Cris Zhan-MSFT 6,566 Reputation points


    CXCONSUMER waits are generally benign, encountered as a normal part of parallel(CXPACKET) execution. By making the consumer threads register benign CXCONSUMER waits, the remaining CXPACKET waits from the producer threads are what indicate a performance problem.

    Also check this similar case:

  4. Shashank Singh 6,216 Reputation points

    My starting question is are you facing performance issue with these waits, the whole answer depends on that. As others have mentioned these are mostly benign waits and in case of issue they are not actually the issue but the next most wait coming is what causing it. In your case if you tell me this is a problem then I would ask you to look at SOS_SCHEDULER_YIELD waits. May be the max degree of parallelism is not set correctly, may be their is CPU pressure. We need to dig deeper and check. The CXCONSUMER in this case can be ignored.

  5. Doria 1,226 Reputation points

    Thanks all for the answers!

    A lot to read and learn, thanks. Well, I can't say that we are having performance problems, but I like to optimize our production database, as always. Follow our settings:



    I am thinking of configuring MAXDOP to 8, according to Microsoft’s recommendations in KB 2806535. But how can I better measure if there is a CPU pressure?



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