connect small business to active directory server hosted in a cloud

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i am a relatively unexperienced and young admin working for a small business where im basically doing all the IT and the only one with knowledge.

My employer now wants me to enable every user to logon to every computer, so basically setup an AD. Right now our servers are hosted by another company inside their own network, which we access through an SSL-VPN connection.

There is already a small AD Server inside the cloud, where users can log into every server with their domain specific Username. How can you join client PCs and Users to this domain from our own bussiness LAN when VPN Connection is only available after login? The AD server is also not unreachable for clients. Public IP adress cant be pinged and neither can the private IP be pinged after vpn connection is established. There are probably some Firewall settings needed to be changed.

Is this even the best practice mehtod? I had the idea to actually host a small AD server in our own company but my employer wants to use the cloud.

I thought about maybe setting up a site-to-site VPN using our routers configuration but it only supports IPSec. The Client VPN connection is set up through SSL-VPN.

I would be glad about some suggestions.

Active Directory
Active Directory
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