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APIs cannot connect to PostGreSQL after password change

I have two APIs - one Python and one .NET core - that connect to a single PostGreSQL server (Gen 5) with multiple databases. After resetting the master password, neither API can connect to either database.

The password is not hard-coded anywhere, and I can connect via PGA Admin, leading me to believe I need to update some Azure configuration settings.

Can someone assist? Thanks in advance.

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Hi, @ChristyH-5175
Where are you deploying your API?

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Hi @ChristyH-5175
Welcome to the Microsoft Q&A forum, and thanks for reaching out.
If you are connecting directly then the issue is with your API, or the password is cached somehow.


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I am 99% sure this is not an issue with either API, as both are experiencing the same problem with very different code under the same conditions.

Can you clarify where it might be cached? Restarting the App Services does not fix the problem.

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To an Azure App Service (Linux).

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