ADConnect no longer working - cannot sign into my global admin account on Azure?

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I've had my Azure AD stuff setup for about 3 or 4 years - minimal changes - it's my test environment at home with my local exchange server. Today I got an email that my "job is in quarantine because the number of objects evaluated as deletes in this identity synchronization run exceeded the configured deletion threshold". So I tried to load ADConnect and setup the wizard to make sure my settings were correct and look at my threshold settings, as well as look at the delta changes to see what got deleted... well it won't let me sign in with my global admin account now?

So I signed into with my alternate global admin account, and it says the account I'm signed in with is in the global admin list, as is the other service account - but it also says I do not have global admin permissions while I'm signed in with the account... so I cannot reset the password. I can also not make changes to the password section as it does not think the account I am signed in with is the global admin account - even though it's clearly listed on the global admin groups page that it IS a global admin.

Anyone run into this before? How can I get this working again? The only service I am paying for is the exchange online protection... which seems to limit all areas of functionality - but really I'm just trying to figure out why my global admin account won't let me log in with my documented password, and why my alt global admin account lets me log in, and shows the email address I'm logged in with in the upper right corner that matches the user in the global admin group, yet it says I'm not a global admin?

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