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I have a new “Client Settings” I am trying to set using this script:

[ SMS_Report (TRUE),
SMS_Group_Name ("Certificates"),
SMS_Class_ID ("CUSTOM|Certificates|1.0") ]
class SCCM_Certs : SMS_Class_Template
[SMS_Report (TRUE), key ] uint32 Counter;
[SMS_Report (TRUE) ] uint32 DaysToExpire;
[SMS_Report (TRUE) ] string EKUOID;
[SMS_Report (TRUE) ] string FriendlyName;
[SMS_Report (TRUE) ] string IssuerName;
[SMS_Report (TRUE) ] string ScriptLastRan;
[SMS_Report (TRUE) ] string SubjectName;
[SMS_Report (TRUE) ] string ValidFrom;
[SMS_Report (TRUE) ] string ValidTo;

It has been added as Client Settings “ISS – Server - Certificate


It appears on the Machine as it is listed:


It has been deployed to a collection “ISS – Servers – SCCM Deployment Point Servers”


But it does not appear on any Resource Explorer for any client in this collection


As a result in InventoryAgent.log:

Collection: Namespace = \.\root\ccm\InvAgt; Query = SELECT __CLASS, __PATH, __RELPATH, Design, Design64, DuplicateVba, HasResults, HasVba, Inaccessible, Issues, Issues64, IssuesNone, IssuesNone64, Locked, NoVba, Protected, RemLimited, RemLimited64, RemSignificant, RemSignificant64, Score, Score64, Total, Validation, Validation64 FROM CCM_OfficeVbaScanResultsSummary; Timeout = 600 secs. InventoryAgent 4/30/2022 10:55:41 PM 6856 (0x1AC8)
Collection: Namespace = \.\root\cimv2; Query = SELECT __CLASS, __PATH, __RELPATH, Counter, DaysToExpire, EKUOID, FriendlyName, IssuerName, ScriptLastRan, SubjectName, ValidFrom, ValidTo FROM SCCM_Certs; Timeout = 600 secs. InventoryAgent 4/30/2022 10:55:41 PM 6856 (0x1AC8)
Collection: Class "SCCM_Certs" does not exist. InventoryAgent 4/30/2022 10:55:41 PM 6856 (0x1AC8)

Collection: Namespace = \.\root\ccm\InvAgt; Query = SELECT __CLASS, __PATH, __RELPATH, Architecture, Clsid, CompanyName, Description, FileName, FileSize, FileTimeStamp, FileVersion, FriendlyName, FriendlyNameHash, Id, IdHash, OfficeApp, ProductName, ProductVersion, Type, AverageLoadTimeInMilliseconds, CrashCount, ErrorCount, LoadBehavior, LoadCount, LoadFailCount FROM CCM_OfficeAddin; Timeout = 600 secs. InventoryAgent 4/30/2022 10:55:41 PM 6856 (0x1AC8)

MP: MP_hinv.log
Site Server: dataldr.log
Client: PolicyAgent.log & PolicyAgentProvider.log

Any log? Idea?


Microsoft Configuration Manager
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    The error message clearly states that the WMI class does not exist. Therefore you need to look at the client to determine why it does not exist.

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  2. Duchemin, Dominique 2,006 Reputation points


    As it is happening on more than 100 servers any clue what should I look at? I checked the event viewer and the SCCM log files so far and could not see any failure.
    What is the workflow when deploying a new Client Settings from the console?

    • Which logs should show information?


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