Failover Cluster VM did not migrated to another HyperV cluster host server

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Hi All,

I am having issues a few times that one of the failover Cluster HyperV host server01 got one physical network port disconnected ( don't know how as the switch was showing connecting and up) and all VMs on that Host server got down. we have four network ports teaming together and only one physical network port was saying as disconnected. however, with network teaming, server01 was on the network and provided all information to our monitoring tool but all VMs went offline. we have another 7 servers part of this failover cluster and somehow no VMs migrated to another host.

in addition, I try to live migrate all VMs to another server but waited for about 15-20 minutes but nothing happen. last I have to turn off server01 and then all VMs migrated to another failover cluster host server auto.

check Cluster logs and can't see any errors there. on server01 systems event log saying only

"Member Nic {0bb58341-0b32-4595-8769-2fdee0818e26} Disconnected."

then all VMs went down.

on the server only one network teaming port and all four physical connected network ports are part of this one Teaming port like to know how come all VMs went down from only one network port status ? what other logs should I know. four physical network ports are part of teaming, two on the motherboard and two on an expansion card.

I am after more specific failover cluster storage communication status information and error when this happens but can't find any error so where should I check? I have double this is network related issue but if all ports are team together then it should work.



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Windows Server Clustering
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