Knowledge bases are missing from Language Studio Custom Question Answering after deploying resources using ARM templates

Rodrigo Liberoff Vázquez 111 Reputation points MVP

We are using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to manage our resources in Azure. On of such resources is a Cognitive Service for Language (a.k.a. Language Service) with support for Custom Question Answering (CQA) which also provisions an Cognitive Search Service instance.
Everything is great until the infrastructure is re-deployed as part of our CI/CD process. The ARM templates used are the very same used to provision the resources first time, there are no changes in configuration, variables or parameters. Even when the ARM templates deployment is successful, when connecting to the Language Studio the knowledge bases are missing (in this case the CQA projects) even when their values in the Cognitive Search Service are still there.
Has there been an update to Language Studio that for some reason is failing to read the indexes from the Cognitive Search Service after an ARM templates deployment?
We really need help with this!
Thank you.

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