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I'm implementing a print feature in a UWP app, and I cannot find any nice way to cancel the print task after clicking Print on the preview page. Our users may be printing dozens or even hundreds of pages at a time, which takes awhile to send to the printer, so having a cancel option is very important.

The user's workflow is:

  1. Select some pages to print
  2. Configure some custom print options
  3. Show the Print UI with the preview (PrintManager.ShowPrintUIAsync())
  4. Click print
  5. Show a progress bar/status while the job is being sent to the printer. This can take awhile, so a cancel option needs to be available here.

I'm following the print sample: I cannot find any way to cancel in PrintManager, PrintTask, PrintTaskRequest, AddPagesEventArgs, PrintTaskProgressingEventArgs, etc.

My only idea is to use a CancellationTokenSource and throw if cancellation is requested, but this seems like a hacky workaround. Am I missing something?

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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  1. Jeremy Nelson 1 Reputation point

    I can sort of cancel if I use a CancellationTokenSource and check for cancellation in the AddPages event handler.

    protected async void AddPrintPages(object sender, AddPagesEventArgs args)
                PrintDocument printDoc = (PrintDocument)sender;
                for ( uint i = 0; i < _pageCount; i++)
                    if (_cancellationToken.IsCancellationRequested) 
                     var page = await GetPrintPageAsync(i)

    This skips the remainder of the pages, but any pages that have already been added to the print doc will still be sent.