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Error on Exchange role assisgnment

Hello i keep getting this error when trying to assign admin roles "Object class organizationalUnit is not recognized as a valid object class for E-mail recipient objects."
any suggestions how to go about it ?

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Could you provide more detailed information to us to narrow down this one?

  • Which version of Exchange server do you use?

  • How does this issue occur? When running a specific command or doing some action for EAC?

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The version am running is Exchange 2019. And this comes up when am using EAC to assign admin roles from the permission column after I add the permissions.

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Are you trying to assign default RBAC permissions or customized RBAC permissions to the user? Based on my searching, this issue may relate to customized RBAC admin role.

Could you provide the detailed steps about it? I will check whether it could be recurrent in my tenant.

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Any update about this thread now? Could you provide more detailed information about how you create this RBAC admin role to us for narrowing down this issue.

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