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How to add custom claim to access token based on HTTP query string

I want to know if it's possible to add a custom claim to the access token that Azure AD will provide to the user based on the parameters from the request.

For example, when someone runs this request:

we will return an access code, and with that access code we will get an access token. Is there a way to grab the query parameter "myCustomClaim=98765" and add it to the returned access token as a claim?

PS: For more context this is a follow up of the question

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Hi @Juan-6975 , have you looked into configuring tokens with custom policies? If so, what was causing you issues? Please let me know and I can help you further.


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Hi @JamesHamil-MSFT

The link you sent talks about Azure AD B2C but I don't want to use B2C services, just Azure AD. Maybe the link is incorrect? or am I missing something?

What I want is to create a custom claim inside an access token based on a piece of information sent by the client inside their HTTP request(when requesting the access_code+access_token). Is that possible?

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Does anyone know the answer?

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