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I work for an international start-up and we're struggling with time zones...

I got a notification recently on the top of an email I wanted to send to one of my colleagues that typically works in my office, but is currently in the northern hemisphere. The notification read something along the lines of "Why not delay the sending of this message until she is back in the office at 6am?"

It seems like a really cool feature, so I was wondering if this could be implementable throughout the company by default - e.g., "Thomas' regular work hours are 8am - 5pm in BST, would you like to delay sending this email at 8am BST?" This feature could also be coded to show when somebody is out of office before you even send the email.

Does Viva do this? It seems like it might...

Thanks :)

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Hi @SamCollins-1536

Has the colleague changed her time zone to northern hemisphere in Viva?
Directory link:
(It would redirect you to Outlook on the Web)
Once the time zone is configured correctly, Viva should be able to provide insights based on the settings.

Currently I suppose the time zone wouldn't be included in details in the Viva inline suggestions.
Please consider submitting a feedback via the Viva delay delivery column if you would like this feature.
Thanks for your understanding!

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Hi @SamCollins-1536

I am writing here to confirm with you how thing going now?
Please let us know if you would like further assistance.

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