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Auto-Shutdown Teams Message to End Users


Currently we have the individual AVD machines we are using sending emails to the end users for the auto-shutdown feature that is provided at the Virtual Machine level. The email itself works great, but it provides the option to skip this cycle of shutdown. We also want this message to get to the users by Teams instead of email. Currently, according to the methods provided to set it up, all Teams messages using the Webhook URL are sent to the owner of the VM.

We are looking to make the message go to the last user signed in and send them the shutdown notification so that they are aware the VM is shutting down in teams. I have the message configured and the integration is working, but I cannot find where, or if it is possible, to get the last logged on user in the JSON file, so that it can be provided to the Teams Integration in the Logic App.

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Hello @CameronBennett-3785 - The "last logged on user" is maybe a type of data that's only accessible via Teams' REST API (or MS Graph API? do you need last logged on user vs the user who opened the teams' app last since most people remain signed-in?), and since you're all set up as far as designing workflow in Logic Apps goes, I recommend you open a separate post on the Teams' forum instead for the optimal method of determining the data point needed:

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Hey Mike,

I didn't explain that very well. Sorry for the confusion. More referring to the last Logged on user of an Azure Virtual Desktop Personal VM'

WorkFlow would be:

User logs into their assigned VM in AVD, at the end of the day the auto-shutdown feature kicks in at the VM level, It send the command to the webhook, which reads off the correct vm name, and other attributes through JSON. I need it to also grab the user that was logged in, or the user that's assigned in AVD then send the auto-shutdown message to that user, not the owner of the VM, which is just an Administrator account that created the VM's in bulk

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