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luis endpoint unreachable

Up until a few days ago I had an application (overlordbot) running that would connect to the luis endpoint I setup in azure ( have it produce text from a recorded spoken snippet of speech, use logic to generate an appropriate response which would get translated back to speech, then delivered back to the application for rebroadcast.

A few days ago this stopped working, the application began returning timeouts with the error, "no recognition result received SessionIs: {big alphanumeric value here}" The application console throws this error: "Error due to RuntimeError, Details: 0x13 (SPXERR_START_RECOGNIZING_INVALID_STATE_TRANSITION)"

I realize this is likely a very vague description - if anyone has suggestions on how I can trouble shoot this or point me towards any logging I might look at in azure, even just a kindly "good luck" to throw my way - I'd love to hear it.

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@TonyAlfaro-8477 Do you see any error if you try to test your luis application directly from luis portal from the test tab? You should be able to key in your utterance directly in test pane and check if a response is received. I think this will work because the error seems to with recognition of speech from the bot before calling luis endpoint in your bot.

I believe this is the overlordbot repo that you are using and the speech config is setting the keys in this file. You could try adding more logging here with your speechConfig by adding this line.

 speechConfig.SetProperty(PropertyId.Speech_LogFilename, "LogfilePathAndName");

If you do not get more details about the error after this setup I believe it is easier to use another speech resource endpoint and keys by updating the configuration file and restarting your bot.

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It is indeed overlordbot - thanks for the tip on enabling logging. I'm adding that line now and I'll do a bit more testing later this evening. Much appreciated! I don't have that .cs file locally - I'm guessing it got compiled in to one of the other files, unfortunately I don't see a way to edit that line in anywhere. I'm trying to figure out how to enable logging post compile. I didn't author the app (nowhere near skilled enough for that) I'm just an end-user trying to use it on my own DCS server.

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