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How to add rows using ADF DataFlow

Hello All,

I have tables of Azure SQL DB which already transformed into JSON structure using ADF Dataflow.
Now rows need to be added, Alter Row will not work as my sink pointed to Blob storage container.
Below is the example of Data preview of sink post JSON transformation from a table from Azure SQL DB.

Column1 Column2 Column3
22C 189 True
23D 190 False

in this i need to add rows like

Column1 Column2 Column3
40N 223 True
41O 224 True

Please suggest any way to achieve this.

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Hi @AbhijitBhadra-3556 ,

Thank you for posting query in Microsoft Q&A Platform. Sorry you query is unclear. Kindly help with clarifications on below ask to help better.

  • You mentioned you transformed data to JSON structure and how I don't see data as JSON in query. Kindly elaborate more on this?

  • What you mean when you say you want to add rows? How you are computing or generating new rows? Is it something which you are reading from any source? If yes, then kindly consider using Union Transformation to combine rows.

  • Alter row transformation actually helps to alter rows in Sink systems. Could you please help me to understand why alter row transformation is getting mentioned here?

Looking forward to details on above asks to help better. Thank you.

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Hello Maheer,

Issue has been solved by my side.
Thanks for concern.

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Hi @AbhijitBhadra-3556 - Very happy to know that issue resolved. Please feel free to share your resolution details here to help community as well. Thank you.

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