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Expired personal acces token (PAT) in combination with IP-adress whilelist for Databricks workspace


First I have created an PAT token for the Azure Databricks workspace. I succeeded to connect to Databricks API and I added an IP-adress whitelist which worked fine. When my PAT token was expired and I generated a new token. I tried to connect again with the new token, but it was not possible to connect to the Databricks API anymore (error 403), which means I can not change my whitelist anymore. How can I solve this problem? How can change my IP whitelist? Why is it not possible to connect again to with a new token?

Thank you in advance!

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Hello @JimvanValkenburgVimakBI-3626,

Welcome to the MS Q&A platform.

I see you have already opened a support ticket on the same issue. Currently, our support team is identifying the issue and reach out to you asap.

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