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Just upgraded to pay-as-you-go and Cost Analysis shows Actual Cost already

I just upgraded from Free Trail to Pay-As-You-Go subscription.
When I went to Subscriptions page -> Cost Analysis, I already see a charge of 6312 INR. I deleted all my resources before shifting to upgraded version yet it shows the amount within 5 minutes of upgrading.
Could you please suggest what should be done in this regard.

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Hello @Shubham-6794 - Thank you for reaching out to us!

From description its clear that you recently upgraded from Azure free trial to Pay-As-You-Go subscription and noticed a charge of 6312 INR.

Actual cost - Shows the purchase as it appears on your bill. For example, you must have bought a reservation for an year or so. It may also show cost of support plan that you must have purchased.

However, your subscription has to be considered new. Because upgraded from Azure free trial to pay-as-you-go. You can refer to the documentation here - to understand cost management data.

Suggest you to check the cost details after a day or two to see if there are any changes that appears to be normal. If charges remain the same or increase over period of time without any usage then that needs to be investigated.

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