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Please resolve more app capabilities into human-readable strings

It would be great if Process Explorer could be extended to resolve more app capabilities into human-readable strings. I see that it’s already displaying “APPLICATION PACKAGE AUTHORITY\Your Internet connection” instead of S-1-15-3-1. However, other capability SIDs like “runFullTrust” (S-1-15-3-1024-1365790099-2797813016-1714917928-519942599-2377126242-1094757716-3949770552-3596009590) and “userNotificationListener” (S-1-15-3-1024-1195710214-366596411-2746218756-3015581611-3786706469-3006247016-1014575659-1338484819) are not translated the same way. This makes it awkward to check if an AppContainer process really has the expected capabilities.

I understand that it's probably impossible to implement a generic mechanism for translating any capability SID into a string. However, would still be very helpful if Process Explorer could translate SIDs for the capabilities mentioned in .

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