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High level question about Sample application for UVC extension units

Long time Java & Linux developer here, having been saddled with a task on Windows & C++ that I'm struggling to get to grips with, help humbly appreciated!

I have been provided a piece of USB hardware (HD Camera) which has already had firmware applied to it that contains a small number of Extension Unit Controls. I have an XU Descriptor, guidExtensionCode, bUnitID etc. I have read and re-read the documentation at I am currently not able to communicate successfully with the XU.

My question is; how much of the Sample Application is actually relevant in my case? Just the "Sample application for UVC extension units"? Because other solutions online, e.g., do not include the interface, registry unit or DLL. I'd really like to know how much of the Microsoft example is relevant in order to create a simple executable which can toggle XU controls.

Thanks for any pointers

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